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Nourish Your Lawn with Fertilizing Services

The spring season is when there’s more sunlight and warmer temperatures. After a cold winter, spring is what your lawn would be craving for. If you’re not sure when to get fertilizing services, you can base it on the temperature. The ideal ground temperature should be around 13 degrees Celsius/55 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on where you live, the best time to hire people to fertilize your home is from March to April.

Keep your landscape green and thick with our fertilizing services in Highland Services Now. It’ll be best to water your whole lawn a few days before the fertilization process to let the grass absorb the nutrients easily.

Various Types of Fertilizers

As good gardeners, we know the importance of good fertilizer. Since there are different types of fertilizers for plants, each option will have a different effect on your plants. Let’s talk about their impact on each plant.

  • Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are usually made from compost, manure, or other animal and plant products. These provide good nutrients for your lawn, but it tends to work slowly. If your landscape already looks quite healthy, organic fertilizer is the best option for long-term care.


  •  Potassium Fertilizers

If you’re looking for a fertilizer that helps plants grow deeper and stronger roots, potassium fertilizer is the best option. This should be placed as close as possible to the plant’s roots.


  • Nitrogen Fertilizers

If plant growth is what you’re aiming for, nitrogen fertilizer is the best option you could go with. This is a useful fertilizer for plants that are still in the middle of their growth stages.


  • Phosphate Fertilizers

If you’re planning on planting new plants in your garden or lawn, phosphate fertilizer can help strengthen the stems and root system of a plant. It can also improve the seeding, fruiting, and flowering of plants. Like organic fertilizers, this is also long-lasting and slow acting.


If you’re not sure which fertilizer is the best option for your landscape, you can ask our experienced gardeners to inspect your lawn and they’ll provide you with what they think is best for your landscape. Moreover, we assure you that you’ll get quality services when you work with us.

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