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One of the primary challenges property owners and managers face during the winter months is keeping their property safe and accessible amidst heavy snowfall. Consistent and efficient snow removal is essential for maintaining your property’s appearance, ensuring tenant satisfaction, and preventing costly damage and liability issues. Highland Services Now, a leading provider of first-class home improvement and property management services in Rochester, NY, offers reliable and professional residential and commercial snow plowing services to help keep your property in pristine condition throughout the winter.

Our experienced team of snow plowing professionals utilizes advanced equipment, industry best practices, and proactive planning and communication to ensure timely and thorough snow removal for your property. Whether you manage a small residential complex or a large commercial facility, we understand that each property has unique needs and requirements. That’s why we customize our snow plowing services to meet the specific demands of your property and budget while prioritizing safety and minimizing disruptions.

Site Assessment and Service Customization: Tailoring Snow Plowing Services to Your Needs

At Highland Services Now, we understand that each property presents its unique challenges and requirements when it comes to snow removal. To ensure the most effective and customized snow plowing service, our team conducts a comprehensive site assessment of your property prior to the winter season. During the site assessment, we evaluate your property’s:

  1. Size and Layout: We analyze the property’s overall size, parking lots, sidewalks, building entrances, and other relevant features to determine the optimal snow removal strategy.
  2. Slopes and Drainage: Our team identifies areas with slopes or poor drainage that may require special attention or additional measures to prevent ice accumulation and ensure safe access.
  3. Obstacles and Landmarks: We take note of any obstacles, landscape features, or landmarks that require extra care during snow plowing, minimizing the risk of damage.
  4. Unique Requirements: We understand individual properties may have specific snow removal requirements, such as designated snow storage areas, accessibility needs, or unique surfaces. We incorporate these factors into our tailored snow plowing plan.

After the site assessment, we develop a customizable snow plowing plan to ensure proper and efficient snow removal tailored to your property’s needs.

Proactive Communication and Planning: Ensuring a Smooth and Seamless Snow Removal Process

Effective communication and planning are vital for ensuring a smooth and seamless snow removal process throughout the winter season. Highland Services Now’s proactive approach to communication and planning includes:

  1. Weather Monitoring: We actively monitor weather forecasts to anticipate snowfall events and prepare our team and equipment accordingly, ensuring prompt and efficient snow plowing service.
  2. Clear Communication: We maintain open communication with our clients, providing regular updates on our snow plowing plans and addressing any concerns or special requests promptly.
  3. Coordinating with Property Managers: We work closely with property managers to coordinate our snow removal services, taking into consideration tenant schedules and peak traffic periods to minimize disruptions and maintain accessibility.
  4. Contingency Planning: Our team develops contingency plans to address unexpected weather events or equipment issues, ensuring that your property remains well-maintained and safe even during challenging winter conditions.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Techniques: Achieving Efficient and Safe Snow Removal

Using state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques is crucial for efficient, safe, and cost-effective snow removal. Highland Services Now’s snow plowing team is equipped with:

  1. Advanced Snow Plowing Equipment: Our fleet of snow plowing equipment includes plow trucks, loaders, and specialized attachments designed for various property types, surfaces, and snow removal tasks, ensuring efficient and thorough snow removal.
  2. Snow Removal Techniques: Our experienced team is proficient in industry-leading snow removal techniques, including proper plowing patterns, stacking and storage of snow, and adjusting equipment for different surfaces or conditions. These techniques enable us to remove snow more effectively while minimizing potential damage to your property.
  3. Equipment Maintenance: We regularly maintain our snow plowing equipment to ensure optimal performance and safety, reducing the risk of equipment failure or performance issues during critical snow removal operations.

Additional Winter Services: Comprehensive Winter Property Management Solutions

In addition to our professional snow plowing services, Highland Services Now offers a range of complementary winter services to ensure comprehensive winter property management, including:

  1. Ice Melting Application: Our team applies ice melting products to high-traffic and hazard-prone areas such as sidewalks and building entrances to prevent slips and falls, ensuring safety for both tenants and visitors.
  2. Sidewalk Clearing: We provide thorough sidewalk clearing services, removing snow and ice from walkways to ensure safe and accessible routes for pedestrians.
  3. Winter Landscape Maintenance: We offer winter landscape maintenance services to protect your property’s plants and trees from snow or ice damage and ensure a healthy landscape throughout the season.


With Highland Services Now’s reliable and professional residential and commercial snow plowing services, you can ensure the safety, accessibility, and attractiveness of your property during the winter months. Our customized approach to snow removal, proactive communication and planning, state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, and additional winter services will streamline your property management and provide peace of mind, knowing your property is in good hands.

Ready to simplify your winter property management with reliable commercial and residential snow plowing in Rochester, NY? Contact Highland Services Now today to request a free estimate and experience the difference of working with a trusted and professional snow plowing service provider.

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