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Whether you’ve owned a house for a while or have recently moved into an existing home, you’d know that a whole home remodeling project lets you transform it into a space you can call yours. It allows you to spend your hard-earned money and make it into a more comfortable and energy-efficient area. 

Besides finding a reputable contractor to undertake this project, you must also educate yourself on how much money you’ll need and how long it will take to accomplish this significant task. That way, you can accurately budget and ensure they complete the project on time. 

This article will discuss how much money you need for this project and tackle how long a home remodeling will take.

How Much Will a Whole Home Remodeling Project Cost?

You must remember that the cost of your home remodeling project can differ significantly. The expenses can range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on your house’s size and the project’s extent and complexity. 

How Long Will This Project Take to Finish?

You can get an idea of your project timeline by breaking it down into three stages: Discovery, Design, and Preparation and Construction. This section will give a more detailed description of what happens in each phase. 

Phase 1: Discovery 

During this first but most crucial phase of your home remodeling project, you should speak to designers and contractors to determine what you can feasibly accomplish in your renovation and how much money it might cost. This step involves getting estimates from different companies and discussing your goals. 

This time can vary greatly depending on how many people you communicate with and the project’s size and complexity. It may take you two weeks to a couple of months to interview people and find the best candidate for the job. 

You can ensure a successful partnership by exploring your options and interviewing multiple design firms. This step helps you get different design perspectives, compare each approach, and determine who best meets your needs. 

Phase 2: Design 

Once you’ve selected the right firm for your whole home remodeling project, you can begin the designing phase. This process can last anywhere from six weeks to three or four months. 

During this stage, you can better understand the project timeline. You’ll determine how long it will last by considering the project’s complexity, how many surveys you need, the time it will take for the engineering process, and how many design changes you’ll make. 

You must remember that this stage in your home remodeling project involves a lot of planning, designing, and consultations. The more significant your remodels’ scales are, the longer it will take to map out the project. 

Phase 3: Preparation and Construction 

This phase begins once your contractors secure the permits and order the materials. They’ll also create a schedule for everyone involved in the job. Moreover, these professionals will ensure all the needed materials are available before starting the home remodeling project. 

You must remember that the preparation step can vary greatly. While it usually takes four to eight weeks to prepare, the process could take longer if they need to accomplish other steps like conducting assessment reviews or obtaining government approval. 

Once they finish the preparation steps, your contractors will start building the project. This labor and time-intensive portion will significantly affect the timeline. Smaller-scale remodels usually take four to six months, while more extensive ones can last up to a year. On the other hand, a project can last even longer if it’s a complicated job.


A whole home remodeling project timeline will differ depending on your needs. Working with reputable contractors and setting realistic goals can help you get the best results. 

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