Lake Ontario

Shoreline Development

Highland Services Now took part in the shoreline development of Lake Ontario wherein we focused to lessen the effects of various hazards. We also placed an emphasis on understanding the range and frequency of shoreline flooding and erosion, as well as how to apply land use restrictions and coastline protection measures.


Our company offers the services of excavation wherein we dig various objects that need to be removed.


Why Choose Us for Excavation Services?

  • We use safe digging techniques and dig away from neighboring structures to avoid damaging subsurface utilities and other nearby structures.
  • Before beginning work each day, we follow and inspect any incident that can jeopardize the stability of the excavation.
  • We provide safe access to get in and out.
  • We avoid collapses by using the coastline, bench, or batter back. We always think of the possibility that the ground can’t support itself.
  •  We use barriers that are sturdy enough not to collapse if someone falls against them to stop people and materials from falling in.

A Contractor You Can

Finally Rely On!

If you need a reliable provider of shoreline development, do not hesitate to give Highland Services Now a call today. We assure you of quality, safe, and reliable shoreline development services that will surely exceed your expectations.

It will be a great pleasure to work and accomplish a project with you.

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